Skincare For oily skin

Hi everyone,

how are you all so today i am going to tell you really simple way to take care of your skin and i have seen so many people telling 7 step 10 step skincare routine but i am going to tell super easy way to get your skin glowing by following only these 3 simple steps –

  1. Cleansing – It is the most important and basic step , cleanse your face for at least 1 minute i use face wash which are chemical free and i will suggest you to do the same , half of your skin problems go away if you wash your face 2 times in a day – morning , afternoon and at night time.
  2. Toning – it is really so relaxing I love it so much , i use rosewater you can also use green tea water as a natural toner and it works amazingly well.
  3. Moisturizing – Most of the oily skin people skip this but if you skip this your skin tends to produce more oil and more oil means more pimples, so for avoiding do moisturize , use oil free moisturizers . I personally use Aloe Vera gel and it suits my skin really nicely and i always say this to everyone always do a patch test because every skin is different and reacts differently to everything.


I have also created an amazing face pack with all the natural ingredients especially for you all and I know you all are going to love it and the best thing is you can also use this for your hair… whatttt yes you heard it right, some ingredients work for both skin and hair so do check it out.


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