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plant protein for women

Protein has been a very important source for our body. We have often heard gym or fitness people speaking about how they maintain there health and nutrition with so & so amount of protein. It has been very important for achieving fitness goals but that’s not what it is anymore. Protein is good source to even maintain and to fulfill the daily basis protein requirements in our body. Every person needs a fix amount of protein for everyday activities, muscle mass, body and health.

Protein is very important for women’s also right amount of consumption of protein helps to decrease the coronary disease and heart attacks. There should be between 50 & 60 grams of protein consumption per day to have good results. 

Plant Protein 

Plants are natural, when we use nature based things they are more effective. Plants mostly contains fiber, which is itself very good for our body. It can help in keeping our heart and gut in better condition by keeping it clean.

Fast & up plant Protein for women

 It is one of the best product so far I have used. Only 2 spoon everyday with any beverage you like to have it with, can help you get better health and good amount of protein to make your day. Daily protein helps to repair our tissues and also to increase our muscle mass and strength.

This product is made up of Natural Ayurvedic hearbs such as Tulsi and Ashwagandha, they helps to reduce anxiety. It is very good for stomach to digest properly and reduce bloating. It is a rich source of antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals damage & promotes skin health. It can help to build strength, stamina, energy endurance and in weight management along with staying fit with toned body. It also maintains hormonal balance, good hair and skin health.

It comes in three flavours mango, chocolate and unflavoured. How to consume-  2 spoon with water or any healthy beverage of your choice, mix well and its ready to consume. 


Price:- Rs 1399.                         Net wt. :- 450g.


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